Online Learning - Support

SBA understands there are a certainly challenges for each family as we all have a "new normal" in our homes. We are here to help you in any way we can to support and partner with you as we move into these unique times.

Technical Support - Basic Troubleshooting

    • Restart the device - Always a good first move. Fixes a remarkable number of things as it resets most software/hardware.

    • Confirm they are logged in with the correct account - some students are able to see a document/file but not open it because they are connected with their personal gmail account.

    • Uninstall Google Drive or other app and Reinstall the app (iPad especially and any other apps too) - this has resolved issues for a LARGE number of students today.

    • Switch to using a browser - using a browser instead of the app can clear up if it is a cache issue.

    • Student home network issues - many times, the student's home network or device is just not strong enough to accomplish certain tasks. If none of the above work, please have them send in a help desk ticket at

Where you can find help?

Systems May Lag - With a majority of the US School transitioning to online education all at the same time, there could be delays seen in Gmail, Google Drive, and even Google Hangouts.

Solution: Wait, try again and be patient (know that Google is the BEST in the world at dealing with heavy loads, crisis, and business continuity. We have the right partner!

Status Pages

Teaching Support

  • Middles School - Email, Canvas LMS

  • High School - Email, Canvas LMS

  • IMPACT/Bridging - support through Google/Meet

    • Organization for student - this is an OPPORTUNITY to teach time management

      • Creating a learning space (ES) - dedicated/created space, not the kitchen table, not typically the bedroom.

      • Using Google Calendar (Upper School)

  • Virtual Campus Technical Recommendations

      • What to use when your student is learning at home

      • Covers Yellow, Orange and Red Phases