Canvas - Parents

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) established at SBA to support Pre-K through 12 educational programs giving parents and students a common platform for all classroom and coursework regardless of the school's operational phase (Green, Yellow, Orange or Red).

Canvas Parent Login

User = FACTS/RenWeb login name (i.e. or JohnDoe)

Password = First time, click Forgot Password to set

What is Canvas (LMS)?

  • Canvas Launch Video - Parent Training

    • Common Platform - An LMS is an online platform used to manage the interactions of students and teachers. A place where all links, assignments, class documents, quizzes, tests, dates and communication is focused.

    • Flexible - Whether on campus or virtual campus learning is enacted, students will have 24/7 access to their classroom assignments, work and communications.

    • Forward Thinking - Canvas is one of the most common platforms for both the K-12 environment AND college/university preparing them for their education in the future.

How do I access Canvas?

What is my Username and Password?

  • Username = same as FACTS username

  • Password = set during your first time login

    • First login - click "Forgot Password"

    • After first login - password you set

How does my student use Canvas?