Below, you'll find our back-to-school packet of documents to read, forms to submit, and other important information, all related to the process of getting your children ready for the upcoming school year!


Family Commitment Policy

Silverdale Baptist Academy commits to provide the most excellent facilities, curriculum, faculty, athletics, social functions, and instruction that it possibly can for the students and families of the Academy. We pledge to come alongside your home in helping you to raise your child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The faculty, staff, and administration at SBA feel that students benefit most when the partnership between parents and the Academy is clearly defined.

We, as legal parents (guardians) of our children, commit to support Silverdale Baptist Academy in its efforts to Christian education. If, for some reason, we become dissatisfied, we promise to handle the matter privately and directly, as opposed to indirectly (i.e. social media), as this practice protects the community your child is a part of and does not negate the directive set forth in Matthew 18. If resolution cannot be reached, we recognize it is our responsibility to seek a school that is in alignment with our personal convictions. Together, as a school and as parents, we pledge to submit our lives to one another and to the final authority of the Word of God.

  1. We as parent(s) or guardian(s), accepting God’s responsibility which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6, do affirm that this training is carried on in the home. We purpose to set a model through daily times of personal devotion and regular attendance as a family to the Christian church of our choice where we serve as members in good standing.

  2. We have carefully examined and agree with the Christian purpose and educational philosophy of SBA and desire the school to work with us in the total education of our children. We are willing to have our children educated in accordance with the school’s Statement of Faith.

  3. In full cooperation with the school, we pledge to meet all attendance requirements at school meetings, conferences, etc. Non-compliance can result in an interview at re-enrollment time.

  4. We pledge our loyalty to the aims and ideals of the school and will bring any and all questions and criticisms directly to our child’s teacher so that they may be properly dealt with by those in authority. When appropriate suggestions and input to improve our school are held, we will take these directly to the principal.

  5. We agree to exhibit appropriate conduct (non-threatening, cooperative communication) on the school campus, athletic/school events and on social media.

  6. The teacher and administration are given full discretion in the discipline of our children, within the guidelines stated in the handbook.

  7. We understand that the school reserves the right to dismiss, suspend, or otherwise discipline any student who does not adhere to the standards stated in this book.

  8. We understand that the school will provide competent teachers, a full and balanced curriculum, regular reporting, supervision of the principal and cooperation with the home. We further recognize that the school is not equipped to handle the educational needs of all children. Parents must submit copies of all previous tests and submit to additional testing of their child if the need for such arises.

  9. We agree to pay our tuition and fees when due. We realize that a late fee will be charged when tuition is past due. Students whose families fall two or more months behind in tuition must meet with the financial office regarding further enrollment. We acknowledge and agree to pay 50% of the remaining tuition should it be necessary to withdraw for any reason. We agree to notify the Financial Department in writing the earliest possible date if we are unable to keep our financial commitment.

  10. We understand that if at any time the school determines, in its sole discretion, that our actions do not support the ministry, or reflect a lack of cooperation and commitment to the home and school working together, the school has the right to request the withdrawal of our child(ren).

  11. We will require our children to support the spiritual activities of the school and will fully cooperate with the educational activities of the school.

  12. We will volunteer for duties and responsibilities for SBA, as opportunities arise and God provides time.

  13. We have read the Parent & Student Handbook and agree to abide in action and attitude. (NEW FAMILIES: Login to FACTS to read the handbook listed under Resource Documents. RETURNING FAMILIES: Review major handbook changes below under your child's school specifics.)


Dignity and Respect Policy

Silverdale intends to provide its employees and students with an environment that is free of offensive kinds of behavior. Conduct, whether intentional or unintentional, that subjects another person to unwanted attention, comments or actions because of race, national origin, age, sex, physical characteristic or disability, violates the dignity of a person created in the image of Christ.

Silverdale does not condone or allow verbal or written harassment, unkind teasing, or bullying of its constituents whether engaged in by employees, supervisors, parents, students or other persons who may be present on or off our property, or comments or images posted in a media outlet to include all social networks, emails, text messages, tweets, or any other form of communication.

Any person who believes he or she has been subjected to harassment should report it immediately to a school administrator. The School Administration will take the responsibility to determine if actions or words received constitute offensive behavior, as well as the extent and type of offense and consequences. This policy also includes parents’ behavior and correspondence with teachers and coaches.

Though the school will do its best to investigate reports of inappropriate behavior, the administration cannot bring action on alleged violators without reasonable proof. All reports of harassment and subsequent investigations will be handled discreetly to avoid embarrassment of the person making the report.

Any person who is determined to have violated this policy will be subject to corrective action and discipline, including the possibility of termination (for employees) or expulsion (for students). Any person suspected of violating this policy may immediately be removed from the school until investigation, if the action warrants.

Any verbal, written or any form of intentional threat of violence of a personal or corporate nature towards students, parents, teachers, coaches and staff of Silverdale is prohibited and will result in an immediate investigation by the Administration. Any person who creates a well-informed fear (e.g. bomb threat, etc.) that such violence is imminent will be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from school and/or any necessary legal action that would naturally follow.

This Respect Policy includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The threat of insinuation of those submissions, to sexual advances or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, will affect employment decisions or status of staff or any student’s standing or enrollment.

  • Any graphic commentary about an individual’s body, sexually degrading remarks used to describe an individual, or unwelcome propositions and physical advances of a sexual nature.

  • The creation of an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or educational environment as a result of any kind of behavior prohibited herein. This would also include the environment in the gym or athletic field created by parents, students, or coaches.

Respect is to be shown to both persons and property at all times by all members of the Silverdale family both on and off the campus of Silverdale Baptist Academy.


Technology Policy

All users of SBA computer, network, and Internet resources will agree to adhere to this Acceptable Use Policy, and to the following Code of Ethics, which applies to both school and home use of electronic devices and media:

I will strive to act in situations with honesty, integrity, and respect for the rights of others and to help others behave in a similar fashion. I will make a conscious effort to be a good testimony to my fellow students, faculty members, and others in the use of communication and computing resources. I will strive to apply Philippians 4:8 and Psalm 101:3 in this endeavor.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think on these things.”

“I will set no worthless thing before my eyes.”


Sign Parent Authorization Form Here
MUST be completed by August 16th


Elementary School

Class Dues

This will all be billed through FACTS under Incidental Expenses.

K-4th grade: $100

5th grade: $120


Elementary sends grade-specific details out each November. The cost is $30 for all elementary students and will be billed through FACTS if a Family Enrichment Trip is not chosen.

Major Handbook Changes

Read through a condensed list of changes to this year's Elementary School Parent & Student Handbook. Parent/Guardian signature is required (above policies agreement link) prior to August 16th in order to start school.

Administrative Assistant: Dana Rice

email | 423-892-2319 ext. 2206

Middle School

Class Dues

$125 each for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, billed directly to their FACTS account under Incidental Expenses. Field trips are included in these Class Dues.

Major Handbook Changes

Read through a condensed list of changes to this year's Middle School Parent & Student Handbook. Parent/Guardian signature is required (above policies agreement link) prior to August 16th in order to start school.

Administrative Assistant: Jeri Rizzo

email | 423-892-2319 ext. 2221

High School

Student Parking Registration

REQUIRED for any student parking on campus - Upon completion, the $50 fee will be billed to your FACTS account. Prorated fees will be applied for students parking only part of the year. If you have not set up an account, please be sure to do so in order to complete the process and pay applicable fees.


Ocoee Ridge Camp Permission

This is a retreat for all high school students. Students are expected to attend.

Please complete this form no later than August 15th.


Major Handbook Changes

Read through a condensed list of changes to this year's High School Parent & Student Handbook. Parent/Guardian signature is required (above policies agreement link) prior to August 16th in order to start school.

Administrative Assistant: Kim McDonald

email | 423-892-2319 ext. 2243