Troubleshooting Basics

Technical issues are frustrating, but please know that our highest priority every day is to keep your learning.

First Things to Do

  1. Don't Panic. Relax. Many computer problems appear more serious than they really are. Yes, it may look like your hard drive has crashed and all your data from the last three years is irretrievable. But there are a host of problems that keep you from reaching your data that can be fixed--sometimes in a matter of minutes.

  2. Check Your Connections. With so much activity in a classroom, there are many issues that are as simple as plugging in the power cord or connecting the SmartBoard. Try to familiarize yourself with where connections are made prior to issues arising.

  3. Try Restarting. Whether your iMac, iPad, or iPhone is causing the trouble, many problems are overcome by simply restarting your devices. Start with just logging off and then back in, followed by shutting down the device for a minute or so and powering it back up.

  4. Think about what changed recently on your computer. Try to pinpoint when the trouble first started. Did the problem coincide with any recent changes? Can you reverse them?

Top Hits - for solving Canvas, Gmail, and other browser issues

    1. Confirm you are logged in with the correct account - some students are able to see a document/file but not open it. This can be due to being logged in to your personal Gmail account. Log out of ALL other Gmail accounts and log back in to your account.

    2. On iPads - Uninstall Google Drive or Classroom and Reinstall the app (iPad especially and any other apps too) - this has resolved issues for a LARGE number of students.

    3. App vs. browser - using a browser instead of the app can clear up if it is a cache issue. Or just using a different browser

    4. Student home network issues - many times, the student's home network or device is just not strong enough to accomplish certain tasks. If none of the above work, please have them send in a help desk ticket at - DETAILS!

  • Have you changed any of your system settings?

  • Has any new software been installed or updated?

  • Have any new parts been put into your computer?

  • Have any peripherals been added or removed recently (such as a printer or external hard drive)?

  • Has anyone else been using your computer recently? How did he or she use it?

Help Desk for Virtual Students

    • Call - dial 423-892-2319 and ask the receptionist for the Help Desk

    • Email - email the Help Desk at

    • Remote Support - once on the phone, we can help by remote controlling your computer (requires at least an internet connection).

    • Support Desk

      • Parent's permission - required for support desk