Student Tracking

The questions we get from parents range from "How can I block EVERYTHING?" to "How can I just know they are safe?". Here are some key concepts and tools you can use to accomplish this.

Tracking Tools

Know all their usernames and passwords - most effective tool of all!

      • Pros - keeps the parent student conversation going, lets the student consistently know you (more importantly God) is watching and the parent knows the apps they use

      • Cons - takes continual effort on the part of the parent, apps can change frequently

      • Cons - time; amount of involved to review what they are doing on their phones, iPads and computers (this is the case with all tracking); monthly cost, and students can still use other devices

Covenant Eyes - Student Accountability -

A pioneer of Internet and Screen Accountability™ software. They have been in business for about 20 years. The company started primarily to help men who had an attraction or addiction to pornography but has expanded to offer plans for entire organizations and families, offering its main platforms on computers and now also smartphone apps.

  • Pros - Separate tracking and reporting for each family member (user)

    • Optional free “extra protection” against porn sites, search engine filtering, etc.:

    • “Add our blocking service, powered by CleanBrowsing, to completely prevent access to known porn domains and lock major search engines to SafeSearch. Best of all, you can add this protection to everyone on your account for free!”

  • Cons - Covenant Eyes has a Family Plan for $15.99 per month. Find a full description HERE

Focus on the Family is a well known Christian worldview resource on nearly every aspect of family dynamics, includingRaising children of every age group

    • Movie and Entertainment reviews

    • Marriage and Faith

    • Life challenges

    • Pro-life issues

    • Social Issues for every age group

Of special interest to parents of pre-teens and teens is the impact of our rapidly changing and expanding cyberworld and the pressures and temptations brought on by this environment. Focus on the family has a specific area of resources to help with this area, simply called "Focus on the Family’s Technology Management Page" that can be found HERE.

Ideas for your Home

  • No devices at the dinner table.

  • No devices overnight in the bedrooms

  • Parents have the charging station in their room

  • Take up devices during overnight stays

  • Tech-free weekends

Student Monitoring

Parents: It's Time to Wake Up about Pornography, Sexting, and Your Children