Purchasing Laptops

Laptops are the primary student device for 9th Grade through 12th students to manage, create and submit class materials.  Laptop requirements are detailed in the High School Student Handbook.  SBA has our 1:1 Device program in order to keep quality and current technology in the hands of students so they build the experience needed to succeed in life, work and ministry.  Please also see Virtual Campus Tech Recommendations.

What - Laptop Requirements:

Laptop - For 2023-2024 all students grades 9-12 should own their own Laptop (we recommend Apple Laptops) for internet access, school-related email communications and preparation of documents and reports required to complete classroom assignments. 


Note: PC based laptops and Google Chromebook computers are fully compatible alternatives to Apple laptops. Though they lack Apple’s cross-platform compatibilities and longevity, they work well with Canvas, Google, and most school work.  

Case - SBA recommends a military grade case to prevent screen breakage. We recommend the OtterBox, LifeProof or Griffin.

Where - Places to Buy:

Apple.com - Chattanooga's only Apple has closedYou can find the latest and greatest MacBook hardware and some education discounts (may require a college ID) on purchases.

Best Buy - Typically have the latest and greatest of MacBook hardware but do NOT offer discounts to SBA students.  Watch for tax-free weekends.

Consider Refurbished Units - For the cost-conscious buyer, consider purchasing a refurbished MacBook.  MacBooks have a very long life expectancy and we have seen good performance by refurbs.