iPad Purchasing

What - iPad Requirements:

iPads are the primary student device for 7th Grade through 9th students (8th grade only starting in 2020-2021) to create and submit class materials. iPad requirements are detailed in the Student Handbook for the specific schools (MS and HS). SBA has our 1:1 Device program in order to keep quality and current technology in the hands of students so they build the experience needed to succeed in life, work and ministry.

Where - Places to Buy

Simply Mac - Chattanooga's only Apple Certified retailer. They typically will have the latest and greatest iPad hardware and offer a good discount on purchases to SBA students when bought as a group.

  • Good selection of iPads, cases, and accessories

  • Offer insurance plans and repair services in store

  • Offer SBA students discounts

  • Location - Hamilton Place Mall (Food Court Entrance next to Red Robin)

Best Buy - Typically have the latest and greatest of iPad hardware but do NOT offer discounts to SBA students. Watch for tax-free weekends.

  • Good selection of iPads, cases and accessories

  • Offer Insurance plans and repair services in store

  • Location - Hamilton Place or Hixson stores

Consider Refurbished Units - For the cost-conscious buyer, consider purchasing a refurbished iPad. With such limited moving parts, iPads have a very long life expectancy and we have seen good performance by refurbs.

Places to Buy - (Note: since COVID, supplies have been seriously limited!)

    • Mac Sales - low price, but can have low supply (select at checkout "did anyone assist you today" as "RichG" and Rich will help your order)

    • Gazelle - wide variety of products, conditions, and prices

    • Apple - Apple certification and warranty included

Case - SBA recommends a military grade case to prevent screen breakage. We recommend the OtterBox, LifeProof or Griffin.

Other Tablets? - Do NOT purchase an Amazon Fire or Kindle Tablet. They do NOT work with Canvas or Google for your student.

IMPORTANT - certain iPads will NOT run the current versions of iOS (i.e iPad Air 1st gen, only through 12.4.9). If this is the case for you, try using the browser version of Google applications (Canvas, Classroom, Drive, etc.) while you are looking to upgrade the iPad.

Note: Although the iPad Mini may run the applications needed for students, we advise against it due to the size limitations for eTextbooks.

iPad - All students grades 7-9 are required (8th grade only starting in 2020-2021) to own an Apple Air2 or above with at least 32GB of storage. We recommend newly purchased devices to be at least iPad Gen 5 with 64GB of storage.