About Our Web Filter

SBA maintains a web filtering system used to help teachers and students avoid undesirable content. If you receive a "block" page from our Web Filter, please work through the following:

  • Read the Entire Error - some errors are just mistakes in keying in the URL and the error you are seeing is just because the page actually does not exist as keyed. Please correct and reload the page.

  • Correct WiFi - students should confirm they are connected to the SSID called SBAStudents (student credentials required). All school equipment (i.e. printers, Apple TVs, etc) is only accessible through the SBAStudents SSID. When logged in with student credentials, students will be identify individually and all internet traffic is logged.

  • Report - If a student needs a site for an assignment that they cannot access, please notify your teacher or the SBA Help Desk for review.

  • Student Responsibility - students found purposefully circumventing SBA Web Filtering (VPNs, cellular hot spots, etc) will be held accountable for their actions according to the appropriate student handbook.

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All computers on the SBA network have access to the internet. Teacher, staff and student access to the internet is filtered based on content and site.