Google Apps

All students Grades 7-12 are provided a wide variety of tools through Google App Accounts:





Other Apps

Google Apps Summary

Every Student from 6th to 12th Grade at Silverdale will have a Google account created for them often referred to as your “SBA Connect” account.

A Google account gives you access to all Google Apps and allows you to collaborate with teachers and other students on assignments.

There are many helpful apps, but the most important ones include:

  • Gmail: where you will receive all your e-mail

  • Google Drive: which organizes all your files and can access...

  • Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides: in which you can create Documents and Spreadsheets and Presentations to share directly to your teachers and peers

  • Google Sites: is a website maker

  • Google Calendar: is exactly what it sounds like

  • Blogger: in which you can create your own blog

On a desktop computer you will only need to log into your SBA Connect Account once to access these apps, on your iPad, however, you will need to log into each individual app to gain access, to learn more detail about logging into different Google apps visit their respective B.I.T.S. pages.

Below are videos designed to help you understand the tools available to you so that you can utilize them in a school setting.