What does our town look like reopening?

Reopening does not mean that things are returning to normal. The places that are opening will have to adjust their layouts, sanitation procedures, and service methods to adjust to the new reality.

What might a visit to a restaurant look like? Well, restaurants are encouraged to screen people for COVID-19 before entry into the restaurant--this may include a couple questions and a possible temperature check. While you are dining, you will notice the workers will be wearing face protection and gloves. There will be a limit to 6 people per table, and tables will be 6 feet apart. Restaurants will be operating at about 50% capacity and surfaces within the restaurant will be cleaned every 2 hours. It is going to be different.

What can YOU do to stay safe?

    • Wear a face mask when you go somewhere

    • Wash your hands with soap and water throughout the day

    • Stay home

    • Avoid close contact with people outside your home.

      • So this means if you were to run into a friend or student at the store, give a big smile, wave, and say hello.




Posted 4/29/20