Social Distancing

Hope you all are staying well, and while this time can be stressful I pray we each can find time to truly embrace the extra time with immediate loved ones God has given us. While it is hard distancing ourselves from our friends and coworkers, I wanted to share a tidbit on social distancing:

Social distancing is the practice of purposefully reducing close contact between people. According to the CDC, social distancing means

(1) remaining out of 'congregate settings' as much as possible,

(2) avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and

(3) maintaining distance of about 6 feet from other people.

Social distancing is incredibly important in slowing and even preventing the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19. COVID-19 spreads through coughing, sneezing, and droplets and can live on surfaces up to 3 days. By minimizing the amount of close contact we have with others, we can reduce our chances of catching the virus as well as spreading it to our loved ones and others within our community.

In addition, social distancing will help "flatten the curve." The term "flattening the curve" is reducing the number of people who are sick at one time. The high surges in the number of individuals testing positive to COVID-19 cases at once causes our health care systems and resources to potentially become overwhelmed. Thus, efforts that help stop COVID-19 spread rapidly, such as social distancing, may help keep the number of people who are sick at one time down as low as possible.

As we move into the weeks to come, I encourage you to practice social distancing and truly focus on the gift of family that God has given each of us. Pray together, meditate on His word and truths, play together as a family, and enjoy the down time over the weekends that God has given us to spend as families.