Below you'll find plenty of information related to SAGE Dining services at Silverdale Baptist Academy.


  • Students are welcome to have seconds on all of their meals if desired.

  • You may pay monthly for your child’s lunch and this will all be done online.


2017-2018 ANNUAL RATES

(Based on the SBA school calendar)

Elementary School - $675

Middle School - $845

High School - $880

2018-2019 ANNUAL RATES

(Based on the SBA school calendar)

Elementary School - $695

Middle School - $875

High School - $910


  1. Main Ingredient Station – this will be our hot entrée station. It is the main station on the serving line. Food will be locally sourced, when in season, and cooked from scratch. There will be a choice of at least two daily entrées, including a fresh vegetable selection.

  2. Improvisations Station – this will be our salad station. If you have been to a Whole Foods, you know the game has changed in prepared salads. Our station will feature composed salads and the ingredients needed for students to build their own salad. There will always be a vegan selection and a salad made with whole grains. Our chef will prepare all salad dressings by scratch.

  3. The Classic Cuts Deli Station – this will be our self serve station that will consist of turkey, ham, roast beef and tuna salad daily, plus a rotation of other meats and cheeses, as well as toppings and assorted fresh local and artisan breads. Our chefs will roast our own turkey and roast beef. Grilled vegetable and hummus will also be served on this station as healthy alternatives.

  4. The Stock Exchange Station – this will be our soup station and all soups will be made from scratch daily. We will have two daily soups with one being creamy and one being broth based. One will always be vegetarian.

  5. Mangia! Mangia! Station – this will be our pizza station and it is going to be a big hit! Fresh dough, real cheese and unique toppings will be used on each pizza. We will also serve calzones, strombolis and pasta and savory sauces on this station.

  6. Seasonings Station – this station will feature surprise offerings such as Bananas Foster, Tapas Tasting Bar, and a Vegetable Sushi Station, to name a few.

  7. The Baltimore Baking Company Station – this station will feature breads, cakes, pies and pastries that our chefs bake fresh daily. Also offered on this station will be fresh fruit and at least one additional healthier dessert option.

  8. The Splashes Station – this station features an assortment of drinks to include Spa Water, hormone free milk and 100% fruit juices.

NOTE: Elementary students will have a more limited selection simply due to age and their inability to prepare their own meals, although the same healthy choices will be provided on the Main Ingredient Station, Improvisations Station and The Baltimore Baking Company Station (see definitions above).


We understand the growing incidence of food allergies, and we will address this by offering a variety of daily offerings that will satisfy most dietary needs. Additionally, SAGE has developed the Allergy Resource Guide, an educational tool that is accessible to students and parents. We will also have an “open kitchen” policy, which allows students and parents to schedule a time to go through our inventory to check for hidden allergens. Our online menus will allow students and their parents to see the ingredients in every dish we serve.


In addition, SBA will eventually have our own gardens to grow our own herbs and some vegetables. Our students will take a very active part in our garden project.