FACTS SIS - School Management

Click here to go to FACTS - Parent/Student Login

DescriptionFACTS SIS is the secure online service that SBA uses to manage our learning/parent communication environment.  Here you will find the following:

    - Grades - notifications, assignment grades and status

    - Financials - status and payment options

    - Lunch - menus and ordering

    - Attendance - tardy, absences, excused, unexcused

    - Classroom Assignments - lesson plans

To Create a New Parent Account:

    - Click Here

    - Beside the login button click "Create New ParentsWeb Account".

    - District Code: SBA-TN

    - Email: Enter in your email address

Once you finish the steps above, a message will be sent to your email address with a link to create a password for your account. Please change that password ASAP as the link is only valid for 30 minutes.

FACTS Troubleshooting:  If you experience trouble with accessing RenWeb, please attempt the following prior to contacting SBA for help:

      * If these steps do not resolve your issue, please submit an SBA Help Desk ticket by emailing