Google Issues

Many times student say that "Google is not working" which typically is NOT the issue, however, when Google Drive, Classroom or Hangouts is crashing, it certainly seems that way. Here are some things to try:

Google is not working

  • Wrong Google Account

    • Set Default Google Account - open your account first, the first account logged into a browser

    • Confirm that they are NOT logged in as a personal gmail account

    • Student emails are like -

  • Try different browser - essentially clears the browser cache and cookies

    • Laptop - If using Chrome, use Safari - If using Safari, use Firefox - etc.

    • iPad - reinstall app or try using a browser (Safari or Chrome)

    • This clears the data held by a browser and lets you know if you have a browser issue

    • Submit a Help Desk ticket - email us at

    • INCLUDE YOUR Student's Name

      • What you were doing when the problem occurred

      • What equipment and software you are using

        • Desktop, iPad or other device

      • What error message, if any, was displayed (exact phrase or screen shot if possible)

        • On Macs use Command -> Shift -> 4 to trigger screen shots (image written to desktop)

      • If anything has changed that might be causing the problem

      • If other people in your area are having the same problems

If you think it IS Google....look here: