Magnus Health

Magnus Health (a partner with FACTS SIS and SBA) is our Health Records management system used by SBA. Here you will upload all your student/child medical information (Preschool, Academy and Athletics) and how SBA tracks any medications or medical events.

Step 1 - Log In to (FACTS Family Portal)

Step 2 - Link over to Magnus Health

Step 3 - Complete Health Forms

Log in to FACTS

- -> Parent Log in -> FACTS Family Portal

- Use your FACTS Credentials

- District Code - SBA-TN

- Username - same used for Report Cards

- Password - same used to get Report Cards

Link Over to Magnus

- From within FACTS Family Portal

- Click Student -> Medical -> Magnus Health Login

- Click Login

Complete Health Forms

- Create credentials

- Complete all forms for your students.

- Note the due dates and items still needed in Red.

NoteMagnus Health privacy policy can be found here