Galen Medical Clinic

The Galen Medical Clinic at Silverdale will be open four days a week (1:00pm to 4:00pm). Shea, our medical assistant, offers testing for COVID (swab or nasal tests), strep, flu and more. Shea can assist students/staff with a telehealth visit for almost any sickness or ailment you would normally go to your doctor for. Their office is conveniently located on our campus. If you are home sick and want to be seen at Galen, call Nurse Anne at extension 2260 or email

  • Student & Staff Sick Visits

  • On site testing - COVID, Flu, Strep, etc.

Below are two forms needed for your child to be able to visit the nurse practitioner at the Galen Medical Clinic at Silverdale:

How to use the Galen Medical Clinic?

Step 1 - Contact the SBA Nurse's Office - Anne Widener

    • Visit - Nurse's Office is Room 113 (off the Church Atrium)

    • Call - ext. 2260

  • Email -

Step 2 - The SBA Nurse will take or send you to the Galen Medical Clinic

How do I schedule COVID test for my student?

Step 1 - Call 892-2319 ext. 2262

What will this process look like at Silverdale?

If your child isn’t feeling well and I feel he/she needs further evaluation during the day, your child will come to see me as usual. Then, I will call you and with your permission, we can make an appointment with our nurse practitioner. Then there are three options:

    1. I will walk the student over to see the nurse practitioner and you, the parent, will receive a phone call afterward where you are informed of findings from the medical visit.

    2. You, the parent, can participate via a zoom conference and virtually be a part of the evaluation while still remaining at work.

    3. You can choose to let the student wait in the nurse’s office until you arrive on campus and walk the student to the Galen clinic yourself.

How do I know if they take my insurance?

Galen takes all types of insurance including TennCare. The only insurance they are unable to bill is TriCare. If a parent has this type of insurance, contact Galen before using the service.

How do I get billed? Through my insurance?

The Galen Clinic bills for sick visits directly through the parent’s insurance. Parents pay whatever they normally pay for a doctor’s visit.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this additional layer of protection and convenience to our families, faculty, and staff. For more information about all of our services, visit our Student Health Services page.

We are continually striving to partner with you to be stronger, safer, and healthier together.