7-8th Grd Parent Survey - Spring 2012

7th and 8th Grade - General School

  • 100% said they are comfortable approaching and communicating with the Middle School Administration.

  • 94% said the Middle School Administration has listened to any concerns had through the school year.

  • 95% said they were satisfied with written communication received from the Middle School Administration/staff.

  • 95% think that student discipline is handled appropriately.

  • 100% said they were pleased with the spiritual atmosphere of the Middle School.

  • 100% said they were pleased with the Middle School class offerings and curricular opportunities.

  • 100% said they think there is sufficient academic support for their students.

  • 100% said the Middle School Receptionist is personable and helpful.

  • 94% said the Middle School Administrative Assistant is personable and helpful.

  • 100% said they were pleased with the worship opportunities in chapel.

Technology Integration

  • 78% said they were pleased with the technology integration taking place in the Middle School classrooms.

  • 89% said they support the idea of students being allowed to have an iPad or laptop in the classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • 100% said the teacher is a good role model of Jesus Christ.

  • 100% said the teacher challenges their student to grow spiritually.

  • 94% said the teacher was knowledgeable in his/her subject area.

  • 95% said the teacher strives to make sure students understand the subject matter.

  • 95% said the teacher is skilled in motivating students to learn.

  • 95% said the teacher has good classroom management skills.

  • 94% said the teacher demonstrates creative teaching techniques.

  • 95% said the teacher maintains appropriate communication with the home.

  • 95% said their student feels that their teacher cares for him/her.

  • 94% said the teacher has high expectations for his/her students.

  • 100% said the Lesson Plans are posted to the web site in a timely manner.

  • 100% said the Lesson Plans are kept current.

  • 100% said the varied learning activities are provided to meet my child’s learning style.

  • 100% said the teacher gives individual help when needed.

  • 95% said they were pleased with the overall experience their student is having this year with his/her teacher.