SOAR Rock Climbing

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- Kim Bates

- Will Smith

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Rock Climbing is back! This season will be different from past seasons; changes had to be made to ensure safe climbing during COVID conditions. Important information below:

    • The SBA Climbing Team is open to all students in grades 6th-12th.

    • No experience required; all skill levels welcome!

    • Athletes on other SBA sports teams are welcome to join. We realize you may have conflicts, but if you have to miss a Meet, it does not impact our team score this year.

    • The season: late October- early February

    • You must attend at least 1 belay certification session prior to the start of the season. You must also pass a belay test. (This is a lifetime certification; if you are already certified, you don’t need to re-test.)

    • Meets:

      • 1 Meet per week.

        • No Saturday meets

        • No make-up sessions

      • No “team” practices once the season begins. Students may practice any time on their own.

      • All meets will be at High Point Riverside or High Point Downtow

    • Fees

      • SBA fee $60, billed through FACTS. Fee includes:

        • T-shirt

        • End of season party/gift

        • Additional expenses

    • A discounted student High Point Membership during the season, required. Choose between 2 options:

        • $39 month: includes belay training, belay test, all Meets at both locations, and unlimited access to High Point Riverside


    • $52 month: includes everything above, plus unlimited access to High Point Riverside, HP Downtown, and HP Cleveland.

    • No joining fee, and no termination fee at conclusion of season!

  • $3 rental fee if you need harness and shoes