SBA Weather Station

Thank you Logan Melton and the IT department for installing this and putting together the instructions below:

SBA has it's own digital weather station!

You can now check the weather at the SBA campus from anywhere in the world. You can also view the weather in other areas too. SBA Athletics use it almost daily for sports practices for the heat index and other weather related questions.

Davis Weatherlink App Installation and Configuration

  • Download App - Open the App store on your phone or tablet and search for: “Davis Weatherlink” (The icon is black and green, with a cloud and sun on it) and install it.

  • Create an Account - Upon app installation, tap “Sign up” and go through the steps to create an account.

  • Select SBA Weather Station - On the app home screen, Tap a box that says “Let’s check the weather” (Some users may have to allow the use of location services. If prompted, allow location services to be used.) Find, “Silverdale Baptist Academy” (depending on how far away from campus you are, will depend on how far down the list you will find it. If installing on campus, it should be the first one listed)

  • View the SBA Weather Station - Once you tap on “Silverdale Baptist Academy” it will show the list of all current weather conditions from our new weather station on campus. Next, tap the bookmark icon above the “today HI/LO temp” menu to add our weather station to your favorites.

That's it, now you will be able to open the app anytime and see real time weather data from campus, whether you are here on campus or not.