Elementary Curriculum Integration

We pray that the children will develop a lifelong love of learning, especially in the outdoors. Since beginning the Outdoor Education initiative, we have been blessed to see the children’s excitement about the things they are experiencing and learning. We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful outdoor learning opportunities our elementary students have had this first semester and remind you that as we go into the winter months, we will continue to go outside in cold weather and even rain at times.

    • Creek exploration daily (in their boots!)

    • Fishing in the creek

    • Planting and maintaining our class gardens

    • Watercolor painting outdoors, carefully observing God’s handiwork

    • Spider observation and spider habitat observation

    • Collecting things in nature to create beautiful artwork

    • Study of clouds outdoors

    • Doing phonics lessons in the sand outside

    • Leaf studies

    • Bird watching- identifying bird calls and various species

    • Bible study outdoors

    • After school nature club

    • Visit to a local apple orchard

    • Poison ivy and poison sumac education

    • Fifth grade recycling

    • Class trips to Greenway Nature Trail, Enterprise South Park, and Southern University Nature Trails

    • A local park ranger brought a red-tailed hawk and animal pelts

  • 4th grade campus pond study and discussion (snapping turtles, edible plants, tracks, “Hilda” our resident great blue heron, other types of aquatic ecosystems, etc.) with Coach Rogers