Middle School Contacts

Middle School Faculty and Staff


Mrs. Roslyn McCoy, Middle School Principal - rmccoy@silverdaleba.org

Mr. Jordan Thompson, Middle School Assistant Principal - jthompson@silverdaleba.org

Ms. Jeri Rizzo, Middle School Administrative Assistant - jrizzo@silverdaleba.org

The teacher's email is first initial, last name @silverdaleba.org

Rosalie Bruno - rbruno@silverdaleba.org 

David Buckler - dbuckler@silverdaleba.org 

Lauren Burnette - lburnette@silverdaleba.org 

Callie Crews - ccrews@silverdaleba.org 

Alec Elsea - aelsea@silverdaleba.org  

Jackie Freelend - jfreelend@silverdaleba.org 

Brianna Frejosky - bfrejosky@silverdaleba.org 

Cheryl Hall - chall@silverdaleba.org 

Ceri Hampton - champton@silverdaleba.org 

Stephen Humphries - shumphries@silverdaleba.org 

Tara Inman - tinman@silverdaleba.org 

Bryan Johnson - bjohnson@silverdaleba.org

Brittney Kiser - bkiser@silverdaleba.org  

Jake Ledbetter - jledbetter@silverdaleba.org 

Jennifer Leslie - jleslie@silverdaleba.org 

Alex Lowry - alowry@silverdaleba.org

Molly Kane - mkane@silverdaleba.org 

Sophia Moon - smoon@silverdaleba.org 

Amy Moore - amoore@silverdaleba.org 

Sloane Mulligan - smulligan@silverdaleba.org 

Johnny Murphy - jmurphy@silverdaleba.org  

Connie Regal - cregal@silverdaleba.org 

Josh Schoening - jschoening@silverdaleba.org 

Terran Standifer - tstandifer@silverdaleba.org 

Beth Taylor - btaylor@silverdaleba.org 

Jason Williams - jwilliams@silverdaleba.org 

Andrea Wilson - awilson@silverdale.org