Living Books

Middle School - Honors Living Books Program

Middle school students can choose selections that will enrich their lives by choosing ‘living books’ which Charlotte Mason says bring a feast of experiences. They can keep lines of communication open during the adolescent years by reading some of these books with their parents. SBA encourages our families and students to read these “Living Books” and participate in the Honors Reading Program.

Students who participate in this program do more than what the school requires, and will be recognized at the end of the year at our Awards Day Program. This program begins each year on June 1st and ends on April 15th the following year. The two (2) books that the middle school students are required to read from the summer reading list may be included in this program. Instructions for those students who need accommodations are on the second tab located at the bottom of the document.

The guidelines for this program are as follow:

  • This program is for students in 6-8th grades.

  • Students may read books above their grade level, but not below.

  • The Verification Form must be completed and signed by a parent to get credit for the books read.

  • There will be 2 honors levels; a Gold level and a Silver level.

  • In order to qualify for either level award in middle school, one of the books may be read aloud as a family or as shared reading to open up discussion.

  • The book lists for each level will be revised annually.

  • All verification forms must be submitted to the school Media Director in the upper library by April 15th to be considered for Awards Day recognition.

  • Though recognition will be given to students who reach the mark, we encourage the reading effort to be made for enjoyment and inspiration, not solely for the prize.

Gold Silver

6th Grade 15 10

7th Grade 15 10

8th Grade 15 10

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