Continuous Improvement

SBA Continuous Improvement Process - In order to continue our development and improvement as a school, SBA promotes an on-going institutional improvement process through a continuous self-assessment and systematic school/program development.

Data Collection

SBA collects stakeholder feedback on a regular basis through:

- Surveys - Typically just before spring break to parents, students, staff and others

- Small Group Discussions - Student House Meetings, etc.

- SBA Community Meetings - Coffee with the Headmaster, Doughnuts for Dads, etc.

ACSI/AdvancED Accreditation - One key contributor to the SBA Continuous Improvement process is the accreditation process every 5 years. A large component of accreditation is the establishment of institutional and academic goals (listed below) and the systematic progression through goal accomplishment (updates to be found on this page).

2015 ACSI/AdvancED Institutional and Academic Improvement Goals - as part of our 2015 ACSI/AdvancED accreditation process, SBA established the following Goals

  1. Evaluate the implementation of a dedicated software program for data information.

  2. Formulate and implement a revised Early Education Curriculum.

  3. Facilitate communication from the School Board to Stakeholders that is specific and sequential.

  4. Strengthen and improve the Professional Learning Community (PLC) initiatives.

  5. Evaluate all school programs (current and future) to assure that they all have at their foundation the school's mission, purpose and direction.

  6. Upgrade food service options.

  7. Ensure that all stakeholders and volunteers on the Academy's property support the schools philosophy, mission, vision and core values.

Annual Survey Results

- 2011-2012

- 2012-2013

- 2013-2014

- 2014-2015 (due to be sent end of March 2015)