Manual/Paper Re-enrollment

For the 2013-14 Manual Re-enrollment process, please download/display one of the following links as it applies to your student and fill out a complete set of forms for each student.  

Please consider Online Re-enrollment as it significantly saves SBA in time and effort with NO Transactional Fees for you the parent.  Online Re-enrollment

Manual/Paper Process 
  1. Download and Print Forms - each packet has all forms necessary
  2. Fill Out Forms - complete each form as necessary
  3. Submit to Admissions - once completed, please bring all forms with your re-enrollment Fee to the SBA Admissions Department* at the SBA Elementary School Lobby
      *IMPACT Students - Please return forms and payment to Lisa Cole.

Manual/Paper Re-enrollment Forms (please print all forms) 

NOTICE: Re-enrollment is NOT complete until payment is received.

If you have any questions, please call the Admission Department directly at 423-648-3881 or email