Online Re-Enrollment

This year our Christmas Gift to SBA Parents - Online Re-Enrollment and Greatly Reduced Registration!

Our new online Re-Enrollment process has the following benefits:
  1. Enviromentally Friendly - 100% paperless
  2. Costs Less - Significantly reduces labor at SBA since we do not need to re-key all your information
  3. More Accurate - By allowing you to enter information directly we significantly reduce keystroke errors

Two easy ways to Re-Enroll - Online and Manual

Online Re-enrollment - as simple as 1, 2, 3....
  1. Log in to RenWeb (Parents Web) - 
  2. Click the Family Tab and select "Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment"
  3. Follow the intuitive process

Manual Re-enrollment - paper process - Click Here
  1. Download and print forms - (to be posted the week of 1/7)
  2. Fill out all forms - Complete all information
  3. Return to School - Turn into Admission in Elementary Lobby

Fall Registration - With our new Online Re-enrollment process, registration in August becomes:
  1. Pick up your schedule (Find out Teacher for Elementary)
  2. Settle fees and tuition schedule
  3. Join the Registration Party!