Preschool Curriculum Integration

Outdoor education has been incorporated in many ways in the preschool department. The Pre-K 5 has implemented the following activities:

  • Make and observe worm farm, some of these have been emptied into our garden, others are still in use in the classroom

  • Color scavenger hunt

  • Leaf scavenger hunt, observation of sizes and colors

  • Leaf rubbings, exploring veins in the leaf

  • Leaf pile play

  • Rock hunt, observation of rocks, sizes, texture and painting rocks

  • Creek exploration

  • Hiking the nature trail

  • Planting pansies in the garden, frequently watering and observing the flowers

  • Observation of decaying pumpkins in our garden

  • Ongoing classroom collection box of “treasures” found outside

  • Outdoor story time

  • Outdoor chapel

  • Picnics for lunch and or snack time

  • Tree observation and drawings

  • Tree bark rubbings

  • Distinguishing between evergreen trees and non evergreen trees

  • Sidewalk chalk to practice writing and drawing skills

  • Daily creek observations, water levels

  • Observations/discussions frequently regarding weather, clouds, smoke, etc.

  • Daily free play outside.

  • Chapel and story time underneath the large oak tree

  • Music outdoors