Preschool - Off Campus Outdoor Activities

Here are some fun activities to try with your preschoolers!
  • This is a great idea to help with balance, developing large motor skills, and it's just downright fun!  Slackline link
  • More bird watching!   Our local Wild Birds Unlimited Store is taking orders and doing curb service.  Use info from the previous activities to continue birding. Also you may want to buy or make your own bird feeders.  The food will help you get some great photos to share with us. Check out the local store for products and ideas at: Chattanooga Wild Birds Unlimited

  • Want to try the Bucket Tug of War Game” that Seymour beat Coach Rogers in? 

Items needed: (2-4) five-gallon buckets, (1-2) 15-20′ ropes if 2,  then tied in the middle, 2-4 participants

How to play: Have participants stand on the five-gallon buckets that have been turned upside down and place one end of the rope in their hands. Have them tighten up on the rope so there is no slack. For safety, it might be a good idea to have spotters around each participant. Some students are hard core (especially older students) and don’t want to lose so they will likely hold on to the rope while they dive head-first into the ground. Last participant still standing on their bucket wins!

Al Rogers - Director of Outdoor Education

Plant Square Activity

Clover Challenge