IMPACT Highlights

Updated 12/15/2016

Lower Elementary

  • Owl study

  • Ecosystem unit - made eco-systems out of liter bottles (w/ actual plants, snails, etc.)

  • Leaf study - identifying trees by leaves and I-pads

  • Solar unit - made solar ovens

  • Nature scavenger hunts

  • Journaling

Upper Elementary

  • Observing and logging the effects of rain and flooding on various areas of our campus

  • Making Native American dwellings

  • Making animal footprints

  • Bug Detectives

  • Mapping the creek area

  • Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt (finding examples of inclined planes, levers, pulleys, etc. outside)

  • Nature journaling

  • Exploring the creek

  • Nature hikes/Kindergarten activities with Kindergarten Buddies

Middle School

  • English-looking for and drawing different parts of speech we find in nature

  • History-identified and sketched physical features and landforms found around the school

  • Identifying & sketching human & natural systems found around school

  • Science - modeling the vast distances of space (finding scale distance from Earth to the Sun in the parking lot)

  • Balloon Rockets (form a hypothesis and then run experiments to see which type of balloon flies faster and farther)

  • Students made sundials

    High School

  • Nature sketches and reflections - the students turn a "scribble/line" into a nature sketch and then write about it

  • Film Canister Rocket – Students mixed cornstarch, water, and Alka-Seltzer together in a film canister and made it explode!  

  • Leaf Study with Coach Rogers

  • Color Scavenger Hunt

  • German scavenger Hunt with Mr. Vandegriff’s German class

  • Creation Scavenger Hunt with Mr. Ange's Biology class