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SBA Mobile App

- A recent app update to the RenWeb Home App created a problem with the icons at the bottom of the Home Screen used for navigation. The icons are still there, but not visible (see image to the right)

Solution 1 (good) - Tap where the icons used to be (for Report Cards you will want where the second icon from the right should be) 

Solution 2 (better) - Use the mobile friendly FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb) at and login with your normal FACTS (RenWeb) credentials.

What is in the SBA App:

     For both Parents AND Students
  • Student Grades
  • Student Report Cards
  • Student Progress Reports
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Schedules
  • Student Homework
  • Student Service Hours
  • Class Lesson Plans
  • Family Information Profiles
  • All School Newsletters
  • All School Communication Channels
  • Links to Parent and Student Dashboards
  • Links to School and Athletic Calendars
  • Family Billing/Payments
  • Family and Staff Directories
     Cost - $0
FACTS Family Portal (Desktop)

Desktop Browsers:
  • Browsers - All standard browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • URL -
  • Select - Parent Log in -> FACTS Family Portal
  • District Code - SBA-TN
  • Username - individual to parent or student
  • Password - individual to parent or student
  • Select Parent or Student
  • Click - Login


FACTS Family Portal (Mobile)

 Mobile Browsers:
  • Browsers - All standard browsers including: ChromeSafariFirefox
  • URL -
  • Select - Parent Log in -> FACTS Family Portal
  • District Code - SBA-TN
  • Username - individual to parent or student
  • Password - individual to parent or student
  • Select Parent or Student
  • Click - Login

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