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SBA Mobile App

New and Free! - SBA is pleased to announce the launch of SBA Mobile App (powered by FACTS) in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.  This replaces the former RenWeb Home App with all the same features and more to come.

Apple App Store - Click Here or search for "silverdale"
Google Play Store - Click Here or search for "silverdale"


What is in the SBA Mobile App:

     Parents AND Students
  • Student Grades
  • Student Report Cards
  • Student Progress Reports
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Schedules
  • Student Homework
  • Class Lesson Plans
  • Family Information Profiles
  • School Newsletters
  • School Communication Channels
  • Links to Parent and Student Dashboards
  • Links to School and Athletic Calendars
  • Family Billing/Payments
  • Family and Staff Directories
     Cost - $0
FACTS Family Portal (Desktop)

Desktop Browsers:
  • Browsers - All standard browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • URL -
  • Select - Parent Log in -> FACTS Family Portal
  • District Code - SBA-TN
  • Username - individual to parent or student
  • Password - individual to parent or student
  • Select Parent or Student
  • Click - Login


FACTS Family Portal (Mobile)

 Mobile Browsers:
  • Browsers - All standard browsers including: ChromeSafariFirefox
  • URL -
  • Select - Parent Log in -> FACTS Family Portal
  • District Code - SBA-TN
  • Username - individual to parent or student
  • Password - individual to parent or student
  • Select Parent or Student
  • Click - Login

Tips and Tricks (best practices) :
  - Turn off Popup Blocker
  - Sync your iOS version of Chrome with your desktop 
         - easily add links desktop Chrome bookmarks and sync
  - Create other links to specific pages (payment, schedule, etc.)

Creating iCon on iPad/iPhone (Safari only)
  - Open the Safari browser
  - Browse to
  - Tap the Arrow from Box icon
  - Scroll and tap on "Add to Home Screen"

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