Elementary School Survey Results - 2013

My Elementary School Teacher is...

  • 100% said they feel that their teacher was a good role model of Christ.
  • 100% said that their teacher encourages spiritual growth in their child.
  • 100% said that their teacher loves and respects their child.
  • 100% said that their teacher applies Biblical principles to a variety of topics.
  • 100% said the felt the teacher was knowledgeable in his/her subject.
  • 100% said the their teacher strives to make sure the students understand the subject matter.
  • 99% said the teacher is creative in their teacher methods to reach each individual learning style.
  • 99% said the teacher inspires love and interest in his/her subject.
  • 99% said the teacher challenges their student.
  • 100% said the teacher provides an appropriate amount of homework to reinforce skills and establish learning discipline.
  • 99% said the teacher is willing to provide help or tutoring outside of class.
  • 99% said that the teacher has been responsive to their concerns.
  • 98% said that the teacher responds to phone calls, emails and questions on a timely basis.
  • 98% said the teacher communicates all class information to both parent and student.
  • 100% said the teacher has prepared their child for the upcoming year.
  • 100% said the teacher creates an atmosphere conducive to learning in the classroom.
  • 99% said the teacher gives good advices on how to reinforce student learning at home.
  • 98% said the teacher keeps the parent well informed.
  • 97% said the teacher consistently presents a sense of professionalism both in attire and attitude.