Where to Find Help

3 Options for both parents and students
  • Reach out to your teacher
    • Attempt other options to turn assignments in - Drive instead of Classroom or Email instead of Drive
  • BITS (Basic Information Technology Service) - SBA Help Desk

  • Submit a Help Desk ticket - email us at helpdesk@silverdaleba.org
    • INCLUDE YOUR Student's Name
    • What you were doing when the problem occurred
    • What equipment and software you are using
      • Desktop, iPad or other device
    • What error message, if any, was displayed (exact phrase or screen shot if possible)
      • On Macs use Command -> Shift -> 4 to trigger screen shots (image written to desktop)
    • If anything has changed that might be causing the problem
    • If other people in your area are having the same problems
  • We can call you or remote into your device to help