Quarantine Timeline Updates (3/30/2021)

The Hamilton County Health Department has adjusted quarantine timelines based on State and CDC guideline changes.

For Close Contacts

10 day quarantine from last exposure to positive case.




Contacts may reduce quarantine to only 7 days if the following criteria is met:

1.  No symptoms present during the entire quarantine period.

2.  Test negative from day 5-7 ONLY not before or after.


For Household Contacts

10 day quarantine from the positive case’s 10th day of isolation or well date if the case is symptomatic after 10th day of isolation; well date is the day after day 10 in which the positive case has been 24 hours symptom free and fever free without a fever reducing agent. Contacts may shorten their household contact quarantine by completing 7 days of quarantine from the cases 10th day of isolation or well date if the case is symptomatic after 10th day of isolation. Contact must be symptom free the entire quarantine period and provide a negative test result from day 5-7 ONLY not before or after. 

If not tested between day 5 and day 7, then the exposed individual must wait until the 10th day quarantine is complete.


There are several restrictions included with these options that we want to explain further. As stated on the Tennessee Department of Health website, those released early must adhere to mask usage when there will be contact with others; this includes during athletic events. If a mask is unable to be worn during that time, then a 14-day quarantine will be needed.


Thus, all Academy students (K-12th grade) exposed to an individual that tests positive must wear his/her mask at all times when he/she will be in contact with others through their 14th-day quarantine. 

  • For our middle and high school students, the all-day mask usage is no different than standard operations. 

  • For elementary school, though, this is a change. The Health and Safety Team certainly understands that these younger elementary students may have a hard time managing a mask all day,  and therefore; We understand and respect your decision if you decide to keep your child home through the 14-day quarantine period. 

  • For preschool students, we understand wearing a mask all day is not feasible for our preschool students; thus, preschool students exposed to an individual that tests positive must adhere to the 14-day quarantine.

*ASCEND: Please complete Ascend the entire quarantine period (including weekends)If users do not complete surveys while quarantined, and indicate they are symptom free, the algorithm will not be able to track symptom data and eligibility will be delayed to 14 days. The Ascend ruleset is dependent on users having 10/7 consecutive days being symptom free.*

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