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Anne's COVID Corner


  • Complete daily health screenings through Ascend and stay home when instructed to do so; 
  • notify Nurse Anne with any questions in regards to symptoms and sickness (
  • Maintain 6 feet of physical distancing wherever possible
  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and if soap and water isn't available use hand sanitizer
  • Wear your mask properly
  • If your child is sick, please email

SICK: *If your child is sick, email AND*
If your child presents with any COVID-related symptoms, your child must be cleared by a physician prior to return (doctor’s note must be sent to school nurse at 423.892.2147 or emailed to

ASCEND: Complete daily health screenings through Ascend and stay home when instructed to do so; notify Nurse Anne with any questions in regards to symptoms and sickness (

  • If you ACCIDENTALLY click on a symptom that does not reflect your child’s current state, email

COVID Testing ClarificationIf a student or staff member receives COVID testing for any reason, then other family members need to remain off campus until COVID test result is negative. (A rapid test would be ideal in order for your children to return to campus as quickly as possible.

COVID Exposure & Siblings ClarificationIf a sibling is sent home due to exposure, then the other siblings and parents do not have to remain off campus unless the exposed individual begins showing symptoms of COVID. At that point, the entire family would need to quarantine until the exposed, symptomatic individual receives his/her test results.

Rational on 14 day QuarantineThe rationale behind the 14 days of quarantine is because thus far research has shown that individuals can test positive up to 14 days after exposure to someone that has tested positive for COVID. So let's say an individual was tested on day 5 after exposure and tested negative, technically that individual could still be positive for COVID on day 14 after exposure. Thus, right now the CDC recommends that individuals quarantine 14 days after exposure due to this possibility. Now, if in quarantine one was to test positive, then that individual would then follow a different timeline. So unfortunately, at this time, even if one tested negative after exposure to someone that tested positive, the exposed individual would still have to quarantine the full 14 days unless that individual ended up testing positive. There is no "lesser term". 

I have uploaded some information in regards to COVID-19. Please check back often for up to date, accurate information.

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