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Active Parenting

With today’s fast pace, life as a parent can sometimes be a challenge. You need all the resources you can get just to stay one step ahead. You are not alone. Even seasoned educators have to study student culture. 

In an effort to strengthen the partnership that we share please see the resources below for “Active Parenting.”

Current Parenting Topics:

  - Vaping
       - SBA Letter from SBA Admin - includes links
Submitting a Resource:

Email ideas and links to Jeri Rizzo at

This is the place to share resources and information on topics that affect our students.  SBA staff will share things they have learned, and parents are welcome to submit information to consider for publication. 

Please Note: All submissions will be reviewed for context, applicability, and relevance before being approved. 

David Barber,
May 2, 2019, 6:50 AM