Delays and Closings Procedures

So that you are aware of our procedures during the event of a school delay or closing:
  • All major news channels will be notified as soon as the determination is made by the school to delay/close.
  • A pre-recorded phone message will be sent out to all SBA families and staff, often followed by an email and posts to our social media - Facebook and Twitter - and depending on the situation, our website as well.
Changes due to a delay:
  • Preschool will open at 9:00 as usual, with preschool teachers reporting at 8:30.
  • Before Care services will be provided at 9:00.
  • There will be no sale of breakfast items before school. 
  • Academy sporting events and practices will remain as scheduled unless otherwise notified by the coaching staff.
  • All other calendar events will remain as scheduled unless otherwise noted.

Changes due to a closing:

  • All athletic events and practices are cancelled unless otherwise notified by your coach.
  • There will be no Before Care or After Care services provided.
  • All other events on the school calendar will be cancelled (exceptions will be noted).
Questions about these procedures can be directed to the Development Department by email.