Student Tracking

The questions we get from parents range from "how can I block EVERYTHING?" to "How can I just know they are safe?".  Here are some key concepts and tools you can use to accomplish this.

  • Know all their usernames and passwords - most effective tool of all!
    • Pros - keeps the parent student conversation going, lets the student consistently know you (more importantly God) is watching and the parent knows the apps they use
    • Cons - takes continual effort on the part of the parent, apps can change frequently 
  • Tracking Student Device Activity -
    • Pros - one place to get a majority of the activity logged
    • Cons - time amount of involved to review what they are doing on their phones, iPads and computers (this is the case with all tracking); monthly cost and students can still use other devices

Ideas for your home:
  • No devices at the dinner table.
  • No devices over night in the bedrooms
  • Parent have the charging station in their room
  • Take up devices during overnight stays
  • Tech free weekends