Virtual Campus Tech Recommendations

Recommendations for ALL SBA home learning (Yellow through Red Phases)
- High Speed Internet Service - at least 20 MB (preferred provider is EPB due to strength and reliability)
- Quality Network Router - this is hard to quantify, however, AC and gaming routers service video work best
- Dedicated Space - as much as possible, all specific space for learning each day
- Dedicated Computer Resources - See below per grade levels

Technology at Home for K-7th Grade

SBA K-7th on campus students are NOT required to have a dedicated computer for their coursework (not 1:1 grade levels), HOWEVER, this becomes a need when parents have/need students work from home (Yellow - Red Phases).

Recommended computer equipment:
- Desktop or laptop computer for coursework
- iPad or iPhone (android phones or tablets as well) for conferencing

This equipment allows the student to use their computer for notes, activities and content while also seeing conferences, videos and meetings. If you have to choose one, please choose the computer. If you need to use an iPad, please get a keyboard (bluetooth or case version).

Technology at Home for 8th-12th Grade

Essentially students needs the same equipment as students are required to have for On Campus coursework with the following adaptations:

8th-9th - laptops not iPads
  - Laptops allow split screens, multiple app use and the display of content MUCH easier for
    home learning
  - Consider an additional monitor for watching conferences, videos and meetings

10th-12th - additional screen
  - Consider an additional monitor for watching conferences, videos and meetings
- Laptop or desktop screen can then be used for notes, searches and content creation